I’m a developer turned tester. Even though writing code to build applications is so much fun, my now best friend showed me a few years ago that helping write good quality apps is much more fun. I jumped into testing from being a developer and have never looked back. I’m very passionate about native testing frameworks for web, backend, infra and mobile platforms

CI/CD is something I am very passionate about. On the web side of things, AWS CDK has been quite intriguing. I have been an advocate of Infra as Code since working on it. Devops is something that is quite exciting for me, especially given it is always evolving.

I have been speaking at a few international conferences on testing and CI/CD. Saucecon’21, Ministry of Testing’s Testbash and UI testing week events to name a few.

It has been so much fun building testing frameworks for a wide range of platforms including mobile, web, infrastructure and microservices.

Please feel free to reach out to chat anything testing.