I have been programming from a very young age. I started with languages like BASIC and LOGO when I was a kid and I made my way through C, C++ and Java. This strong base helped me excel in the work I do. I was hungry to learn more after my Bachelors in Engineering (Computer Science), and therefore I moved to Melbourne to do my Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Mobile Apps

I was so passionate about mobile apps that I built my career around it. I’ve worked in a variety of domains and in a variety of roles in the mobile app space. I’ve led a range of engineering teams through the course of last 10 years. From leading a team in a startup to leading a group of high skilled engineering, I take pride in the work I do and also proud of the people I’ve helped grow and up-skill.

Testing & Testability

Working in the testing space for the past 4 years has given me a different perspective to look at code. Testability is something I promote and try to bring into any product I work on. My latest work with Visual Snapshot Testing is something I consider a big milestone in my career.