SauceCon 2021

Saucecon 2021

I will be talking about implementing CI with mobile in mind. Here is a short abstract

Setting up CI/CD itself is a challenging task, especially if you are starting from scratch. Implementing one for mobile apps has its own complications like signing the apps and running tests on devices/simulators. In this talk, I will talk about the best way to set up mobile app build pipelines from scratch. In order to view an end-to-end example, I will show how to build an android and iOS app pipeline of the SwagLabs react native app.

Ministry of Testing

Automation Week 2021

Automation Week 2021

I’ll be presenting my experience report on visual testing using BackstopJS. Here is a link to the event Automation Week 2021 - Visual Testing


I spoke in two different sessions to present my experience reports. One was regarding mobile automation challenge using Espresso. The other was about setting up a CI pipeline for a mobile app. You can find both the talks here Testbash Online 2020